Summers School of Yin Yoga

200hr and 300hr Certifications

Josh Summers Lic. Ac, E-RYT-500

Terry Cockburn, E-RYT-500

This unique and comprehensive training in Yin Yoga studies will occur in a series of ongoing and rotating modules offered throughout the year. Students can choose either to work towards their 200hr or 300hr certification.

The core modules will include:

  1. Foundations Module (50 hrs): Everything you need to know about the physical aspects of teaching and practicing Yin Yoga: Postures, sequencing, anatomy, fascia, functional vs. aesthetic alignment, and how to cue.
  2. Traditional Chinese Meridian Module (50 hrs): A deep exploration of Chinese Meridian Theory: Yin-Yang Theory, Meridians and their organs, Qi and blood production and circulation, Western and Eastern views of energy medicine, Yin Yoga and its influence on Qi.
  3. Mindfulness Meditation Module (50 hrs): A study and exploration of the inner-game of teaching and practicing meditation in Yin Yoga, with a uniquely Yin-based approach to meditation: Mindfulness, styles of Vipassana, Four Foundations of Mindfulness, and breath and beyond.
  4. Yang Yoga Module (50 hrs): Everything you need to know about integrating dynamic styles of yoga within the practice and teaching of Yin Yoga: Functional alignment in Yang Yoga, sequencing, integration with Yin Yoga, and cuing principles.
  5. Practicum Module (30-50 hrs): Refine and craft your teaching skills in the crucible of practice teaching and constructive feedback.
  6. The Retreat (70 hrs): This will be an immersive learning opportunity to develop and explore your experience with these teachings to inform and empower your own practice and teaching. The format will be a silent meditation retreat, with periods of Yin Yoga.

Trainees will have three years to complete the necessary hours to earn their certificate in Yin Yoga at either the 200-hr or 300-hr level. Our intention is that the flexibility of this program will allow trainees to attend modules at a pace that their schedule permits. Any module may be taken by anyone, independent of enrollment in the the 200-hr or 300-hr track.

The Summers School of Yin Yoga is committed to the ongoing study, practice and development of students and teachers in the arts of Yin Yoga and Meditation.

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