Teacher Feature: Sarah Perle Johnston

Intentional ~ Encouraging ~ Positive

Little known FYC fact – Sarah is one of our original teachers. She was a regular on the schedule within the first two years of our opening, and then took a break from teaching yoga to do some major life things, such as get married and renovate the old home she and her husband live in. Her return over two years ago was met with open arms, and she quickly became a sought-after teacher within our community. Sarah teaches in both the Yin and Vinyasa styles, and her classes are intelligent and thoughtful. As an educator in the public school system, she is a natural leader, with a thirst for knowledge, and is constantly furthering her studies in Yoga.

Sarah’s classes focus on creating a space of increased awareness and peaceful energy. She offers intentional sequencing while promoting attention to the breath in physical poses. Sarah believes the practice of yoga is one of inquiry and compassion, which is bolstered by the sense of connection found when practicing anything in a community.

If you’ve not yet had the pleasure of practicing with Sarah, you can find her at FYC Wednesday evenings for Vinyasa, and Friday afternoons for Yin Yoga. And be sure to check out Sarah’s website, along with her podcast “Yoga of Maine’ on iTunes or any iPhone podcast app!

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