Teacher Feature: Meghann Foster

Compassionate ~ Intuitive ~ Playful

We are thrilled to welcome Meghann to the weekly lineup, as she takes over the Tuesday night vinyasa class. If you can’t catch her class, you’re sure to see her at FYC, as she’s a regular practitioner at the studio. You can’t not love her infectious smile and positive energy, so please give her a warm welcome. And, if you’re in need of juice or smoothie recommendations, she’s your go-to!

As a teacher I hope to create a space in which people can be curious about their practice, their bodies, their mind, and their emotions. With each class I hope to offer a bit of intention, challenge, balance, and playfulness of both body and mind. I always tell my students that I am a firm believer that this is their time on their mat, what I am guiding them through should always be considered optional and explorative. If students want to come to class and spend it in child’s pose or savasana I will not judge but I always challenge my students to try, to build strength and to create a mind-body connection that will hopefully be taken beyond their yoga mat.

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