Running on Insight: Reflections (Week 13)

A weekly share on the practical and reflective elements in training for the Sugarloaf Marathon.

The sunlight is stretching just a little longer into each day, and spring is just around the corner.  After experiencing several days of abnormally warm temperatures, we in Maine are back to unseasonably frigid weather.  The single digits mixed with the whipping wind were harsh reminders that winter isn’t quite yet over.

My long run of 14 miles this week was on one such bone-chilling windy day, and it took a good amount of inner strength to get through.  I chose an out-and-back route I know well; one that is replete with long, gradual hills and open fields.

My running routes tend to vary due to the amount of miles I’m planning to log.  What’s interesting to note is that each route not only has the mileage distinction, but also it’s own energetic quality.  Certain routes, for instance, may not be as physically demanding, but challenge me mentally.  I view each run as an imprint on my nervous system:  the movements of my body, the rhythm of breath, and the thoughts and emotions experienced.  Often, a memory will arise – what I may have felt while running a particular stretch of trail, or a familiar sight will trigger an emotion or an issue I’ve wrestled with – one that may have been resolved, or is now able to be seen though a different lens.

I’m fortunate to be able to run in a beautiful area.  I am privy to sights most people only have access to on their Instagram account.  These roads, wooded trails and open fields are where I pour out my heart, and is where I’m understood and heard.  Race goals remain in the periphery, and I allow myself to meet whatever arises.

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