Running on Insight: Reflections (Week 12)

A weekly share on the practical and reflective elements in training for the Sugarloaf Marathon.

How many miles did I get in this week?  Not many!  This was a down-regulated week that involved a lot of good food, sleep and yoga.  My work schedule was such that to squeeze in runs would have caused far more stress than they’d be worth.   In making the choice to have five days off from any running, didn’t provoke any anxiety.  I know from experience as well as scientifically, how much one can benefit by resting.  The fear can be that a loss of fitness will result, when in actuality, that rest is exactly what’s needed for cells to regenerate and tissues to grow stronger.

The last few weeks had a stimulus of higher and harder (thanks to the weather) mileage, and progressively stronger strength/power workouts, so I knew this period of time would be beneficial.  Being ok with not running for nearly a week in the middle of marathon training probably sounds crazy to most runners.  Perhaps it’s my own personal intention around running, or maybe my inner yin-yogi coming out, but I’ve learned over the years, that busting out junk miles doesn’t serve me.  I am much more balanced physically and emotionally when I take into consideration my entire life, and work around that as I ready myself for the rigors of a marathon.

So, I accept and ride the waves that come up in these weeks of training.  Work, family, weather – I embrace it, without putting undo pressure on myself, and my goals are made with the understanding that I need to be flexible.  The other aspect I embrace during a down week?  MUCH less laundry!


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