Upcoming Workshop: Release with Jenna Hinkley

Our beloved Jenna is offering a special workshop next Sunday from 1-3pm.  Release:  Yoga for the physical and emotional bodies.  Incorporating self massage, yin yoga, meditation and essential oils.  Here are some words from Jenna, describing this offering, which you don’t want to miss!
“As a massage therapist, along as a yoga teacher I am continuously made aware of the interconnectedness of mind and body. I am fascinated by emotion and reaction and how that interplays with the human body. We are always perceiving the world around us through our senses, our nervous systems processing that information at amazing speeds. Taking in sights, sounds, people, experiences, and reacting to them all. Our minds and bodies have been conditioned to react in certain ways to certain circumstances. The practice of yoga helps us to become aware. To see, to unwind and to untangle those reaction patterns that are stored in the body and programmed into the mind. Reaction patterns manifest as tightness in the body, resistance in the joints and agitation in the mind to name a few. In this workshop we will first become aware of these patterns and then work with releasing the body and calming the mind through asana, breathwork, self massage, organic oils and guided meditation. The body and mind are continuous sources of self awareness and growth and I’m beyond excited to share these timeless modalities I adore. Please join us for an in-depth self discovery and self healing!”
Namaste, Jenna
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