Member Spotlight: Erin Dillon

Our members are special people.  They are dedicated to the practice of yoga, and help to make our  community thrive.  We plan to regularly feature a member on our blog, you can get to know the familiar face you may see in class, and to also celebrate the dedication and commitment they have to their practice.

And without further ado, here’s Erin, who has just arrived stateside after spending a week in Belize with some of the FYC community, where we had the pleasure of celebrating her birthday!  And Erin also just happens to be the master vegan chef for our June retreat!

What does yoga mean to you?  About six months ago, my physical and emotional health were in a dangerous place due to an extreme routine I had enforced upon myself.  Discovering yoga became a sort of awakening and an integral element in healing.  What does yoga mean to me?  It means having compassion for oneself.  It means saying goodbye to competition and to judgment.  It means appreciating how strong and capable each human body is, and it also means allowing those bodies to rest.

What do you love most about practicing at FYC?  FYC encourages its practitioners to explore their boundaries in a very accepting environment.  I love that a given class accommodates both beginners as well as advanced yogis.  Of course, amazing classes stem from an even more amazing staff.  The FYC instructors each have unique styles and sequences that ultimately create a dynamic schedule.  The varied classes and warm staff make me eager to spend time on my mat every day of the week.

Favorite yoga pose?  Bakasana (crow pose).  It requires strength and trust, in addition to a deep focus that stops me from daydreaming.  Reward:  you fly!

Have you noticed any changes in your life “off the mat” since starting yoga classes at FYC?  Practicing at FYC has taught me how to strengthen and be aware of each muscle, which translates to more energy, power, and grace off the mat.  Launching trash bags full of coffee grounds into a dumpster has gone from a shaky two-armed struggle to a simple toss (I work at a coffee shop).  Yoga continues to remind me that balance is essential; now I can view my life more objectively and see where I can increase effort or ease.

What do you enjoy doing when not doing yoga?  I love making vegan desserts – both to quell my insatiable sweet tooth, and to share in hopes of winning some vegan converts.  When the weather is warm (sigh) I like to hike, go for leisurely bike rides, and assume starfish shape on a beautiful Maine beach.  Also, I love to travel anywhere I get to speak Spanish or (very rusty) Italian.

What would you tell someone who is curious about trying yoga for the first time?  Start now because you’ll regret not starting the day you were born!


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