Handstands are Happening!

We are half-way through our Deconstructing Handstand series with an open and inspiring group of yogis.  To witness the progress being made and the lightbulbs going off as students progress in their handstand practice has been incredibly inspiring.  As a teacher, it’s such a joy to see a group not only willing to try new things, but to witness students supporting one another in the process.

Liz and I have worked together in demystifying this challenging and oftentimes scary pose by targeting the areas in the body that require opening, stabilization and strength.  In this journey, we’ve used all sorts of tools and props to help students understand the physical and energetic requirements of the asana.  As you can see in the photo, Alex, Emily and Brian work their bandhas and core to lift the hips over the shoulders using balls, the wall and even a strap.

Finding the proper actions of the body, however, is only half the battle.  We spend time in meditation getting to know the mind, and to see clearly how our fear, anxiety and judgment can hold us back from what we are truly capable of.  More than just a “mind over matter” pep talk, the practice of meditation allows us to really take a look at how the mind works.  The more we get to know ourselves, the easier it is to train the mind to cultivate the strength and wisdom that is necessary to knock down those barriers.  And once we do, inner peace and freedom will arise, and maybe even a handstand!

There are two more classes left, and there are a few spots are available if you’d like to join us.   Please click HERE to pre-register.

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