Terry Cockburn – Owner

I have been a sports and fitness enthusiast my entire life, and when I was introduced to a few power yoga VHS (yes, VHS) tapes in 1997, I was officially hooked. For the next several years, my athletic pursuits were complemented by yoga videos, and I continued to feed my curiosity through books and magazines, and maintained a home practice throughout my two pregnancies.

I found myself in my first “real” yoga class in 2004, and completely fell in love with the entire experience.  True to form, I threw myself into serious practice and did my first vinyasa teacher training through Asheville Yoga Center two years later.

For years, my practice primarily focused on the active, yang qualities of vigorous movement, sweating and fancy arm balances.  When I tore my ACL during a tennis match in 2008, the breaks were put on my asana practice, and it was while going through the six month rehabilitation period when I woke up to the realization that my competitive nature was not keeping me in balance physically or mentally. The intention I set for myself was to find a way to stay the competitive athlete I was, but to balance that drive with a safe and sustainable yoga practice.  I credit my yin and meditation practices for being able to run long and play hard with more awareness.  Since my knee surgery, I’ve run seven marathons, and look forward to many more, with an eye toward running a marathon in all 50 states.

The classes I teach vary in style and are always geared toward the students’ needs. I am inspired by vinyasa, Ashtanga, yin, restorative, meditation, and yoga philosophy.  As a certified running coach (RRCA), and a certified personal trainer (NASM), I have a passion for teaching yoga specifically to the athletic population and am fortunate to work with many incredible individual athletes and teams.

I’ve had the honor of studying under many great teachers, and credit Stephanie Keach, Sage Rountree, Josh Summers, Paul Grilley and Beth Resnick-Folk as my primary teaching influences.


Emily Smith

I discovered yoga about eight years ago, when I was suffering
from a minor hip injury. On a whim, I tried a yoga class. At first, I
thought yoga was a temporary fix – a needed distraction while I
healed. I fully expected to walk away from yoga and return to my old
routines. Instead, yoga has become the foundation upon which my other
routines are built. I am endlessly challenged and intrigued by the
concept of finding a proper balance between effort and ease – in yoga
poses, in other physical activities, in any challenges that life
presents. When does it pay to push harder? When is it more effective
to ease off? The answers change constantly, and my classes will often
explore this concept.

I completed my 200 hour teacher training during the summer of 2011
through YogaWorks in Boston, with Natasha Rizopoulos and Jennie
Cohen. I am lucky to have learned yoga from a variety of open,
approachable, knowledgeable teachers over the years, who made me feel
comfortable and successful from the first moment I walked into the
studio. My primary goal is to do the same for my students.

I am also a certified ChildLight Yoga instructor, and enjoy sharing
yoga with children in a fun, playful way through games, music, group
activities and more.

I live in Freeport with my husband and two teenaged sons.

Lydia Lobozzo

I come from a long line of stoic athletes who can easily stretch a dollar or the truth, but who are hardly inclined to stretch their sturdy legs, necks, etc. I  am sure to be one of the genetically least flexible yoga instructors you’ll ever meet.

I started practicing yoga because I needed it, not because I was good at it.  This is still the reason I practice. I love teaching a strong and rhythmic flow, honing in on alignment, and maintaining a balance of effort and ease.  I teach to the “every body”, and from the experience of an athlete who began her practice with a physique full of injuries and a mind full of anxieties.  Yoga has been a tool for wellness from head to toe.

I encourage you to approach my class as a grand experiment, and to find within the movement an experience that is relevant to your life at large. What you gain from an hour or so of poses and breath is dependent on your willingness to listen while you’re on the mat, and to carry the awareness that follows into the rest of your day. It is a “moving meditation”.

I have been teaching since 2010 after receiving my 200-hour certification from CorePowerYoga in Denver, Colorado. I hail from New Gloucester, Maine, where I live a simple but meaningful life with my good man,  Alex and our new son, Jack Allan. I have taught at many studios in the area, and am grateful to all the students and fellow teachers who have supported me, challenged me, and offered me a steadying hand, both on and off the mat.

Liz Bicherl

My classes are an experience; not a workout, or an exercise. I only teach what I practice, and my practice is centered around cultivating the mind-body connection. I work your typical, sedentary, 9-5 job during the day. So when you come to my class, you can expect to MOVE. Mentally, I consider myself to be very monkey-minded, jumping from one thought to the next. Therefore, I teach classes with the intent of balancing the movements of the body, with the stillness of the mind. After all, Yoga is defined as ‘a union, or to yoke, or join’.

Aside from being a certified Yoga Instructor, I am a Personal Trainer, and have studied Yin Yoga with Josh Summers, and Yoga for Cancer Survivors with Tari Prinster. I have many teachers to give credit to, but my greatest teachers have always been my students.

Alexandra Mack

Yoga went from a fling to a long-term relationship in my life
when I realized how instrumental it was in keeping my mind, body and
spirit healthy! Yoga classes were my personal
“retreat” to connect back into myself, to
something deeper, inside and outside of me, which I didn’t
even fully understand for the first few years practicing. (Originally
I thought I was just getting a different type of workout, sure fooled
me!) Having both healthy and unhealthy crushes over the years, my
yoga and meditation practice helped to ground me, and it’s
where I’ve found guidance and transformation on my own path
of self-discovery, and for that I will be forever grateful!

I’ve been an athlete my whole life mainly with running and soccer. I went
to college at Sacred Heart University where I played D1 soccer and
began to blossom my passions for healthy living through continuing on
to receive my masters in Psychology, paired with a Holistic Health
Coaching Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
based in NYC. I traveled a few months after my educational pursuits
but was quickly drawn back to my home state of Maine. It was then I
decided to enroll in a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Well Heart
Yoga. I love all types of yoga from Yin to challenging Vinyasa

I love my day job working at the Integrative Health Center of Maine
where I’m the assistant to owner/practitioner of
Integrative Therapies Maine. In my free time I like to be outside
keeping active, playing in the kitchen making healthy recipes, raw
chocolates, herbal teas and superfood smoothies, or anywhere spending
time with friends and family.

I am fueled by my passions of living a healthy and loving life full of
gratitude, by drawing from my personal practices, my hope is to help
people find their happiest, healthiest and truest
self…both on, and off the mat!

Lauren Norster

Lauren discovered her love for movement when she slipped on her
first pair of ballet shoes at the age of four and started dancing.
Fourteen years later, Lauren was first introduced to yoga while
taking a modern dance course at Roger Williams University. When she
moved to Portland in 2006, she found an ashtanga-style yoga class and
grew deeper into her practice. Soon, she discovered the powerful
tools of meditation and pranayama and started to develop a personal
daily practice. As a teacher in various non-traditional learning
environments, Lauren found opportunities to share yoga with children
and teens. In 2012, Lauren became certified in Vinyasa Yoga through
the Breathing Room Yoga Studio in South Portland. She has a passion
for teaching to the needs of her students, regardless of their age.
Her vinyasa classes are creative, fun, exploratory, and are
influenced by her studies in ashtanga yoga.

In a typical class, Lauren’s students will be encouraged to
see yoga as a moving meditation, following their breath while
building strength, flexibility, and mental clarity.She aspires to
make each pose accessible to students on every level, offering
adjustments, props, and modifications throughout the class. She often
includes meditation, pranayama, and chanting in both her adult and
children’s classes to keep the balance of energy flow. In
addition to vinyasa yoga, Lauren also teaches restorative based yoga,
yoga nidra, and meditation. As a Reiki master teacher and
practitioner, Lauren is interested in combining restorative practices
with energy healing. She sees her self as a full-time student of
yoga, and is always eager to develop her knowledge of yoga philosophy
and the eight limbs of yoga. Off the mat, Lauren works with
homeschooled students, writes an ayurvedic cooking blog, and is a
visual artist.

Jenna Ragonese

My life has revolved around the healing arts for the past 5
years. All of it- by chance. After college I decided to leave
everything I knew at home to study Chinese herbalism and nutrition in
San Diego, California. I received my course schedule a few days
before the start of the semester and realized I was enrolled in
multiple massage courses. My first instinct was to immediately call
the school and correct it— but totally out of character- I went
with it.

Now, I feel, I may be the happiest woman alive. This is my path and I
haven’t strayed. Massage taught me about the brilliance of
the body, the body taught me about the intrinsic connection to the
mind, and meditation taught me about the spirit who is witness to it
all. Yoga was a natural evolution of doing massage. Deeply feeling
the body in asana, connecting the breath and being aware of
everything. Feeling, breathing, opening and becoming aware. Yoga is a
transformational practice of the heart. It will let your true nature
blossom and I want to share the beauty of it with all our earthside
friends. I incorporate Buddhism, self deep tissue massage, herbalism,
yin yoga and energy work in my Vinyasa classes. The jewel is in the
lotus. Namaste.

Lisbeth Balligan

Lisbeth was first touched by yoga during her sophomore semester of college. Her body was worn out from years of cross-country, lacrosse and soccer; plagued by chronic ankle and knee injuries, yoga provided her the first real opportunity to slow down and accept reality by learning to live in the present. After 10 years of being a yoga mutt and building a solid foundation in multiple styles of yoga including: Bikrham, Power, Restorative, Anusara and Hatha, Lisbeth learned that her love of yoga was not only the asana practice, but the personal power it helped to cultivate and the sense of community it fostered.

While attending graduate school in Public Health she practiced regularly with Glen Cunningham of Sadhana Yoga. Glen’s focus on a well-aligned flow, laced with mind-body connection queues and room to play would form much of the foundation for Lisbeth’s teaching style. Lisbeth completed her 200 hour vinyasa yoga teacher training with Jacqui Bonwell, of Sacred Seeds Yoga School in April of 2013. During her training, she offered weekly yoga classes to her colleagues and friends the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Boston. Seeing the profound difference these weekly classes had on her co-workers ability to open their bodies and hearts on and off the mat, further inspired Lisbeth to pursue teaching yoga full time. In September of 2013 Lisbeth resigned from her job in Boston and made the full transition to living in Portland.

Applying her background in sports, exercise and public health, Lisbeth offers classes that are nurturing and spiritual but still grounded in a physical practice that promotes energetic alignment. Her classes have a rhythm to them and modifications are offered to advance your practice or take it down a notch depending on your body in this moment. Special focus is given to aligning breath with movement to create space in the body and cultivate compassion for self.

Lisbeth recently completed her Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Josh Summers and is continually inspired by Terry Cockburn and the other teachers at Freeport Yoga Company. She is so grateful to her friends and family for encouraging her along this path. When not teaching or practicing yoga, Lisbeth enjoys exploring the great outdoors with her fiance and two dogs. She also dabbles as a lifestyle organization consultant.
For more information on Lisbeth and her current offerings, visit her website.

Bethany McCorkle

Bethany has been a student of yoga since 2004 and completed her 200 hour teacher training certification with Jacqui Bonwell in 2011. She studies yoga regularly with many gifted teachers, including Ame Wren, Melora Gregory and Kimberly Dahlmann, aiming to blend the best of the Vinyasa, Iyengar, and Ashtanga yoga systems into a flow practice. Bethany works as a teacher to help students develop a sustainable practice that enables good posture, perspective, insight and well-being — one that serves her students for a lifetime.

Substitute Instructors

While most of our regularly scheduled teachers swap and sub classes as needed, we do occasionally welcome a substitute teacher to lead classes. All teachers who sub for FYC are talented, inspired and have 200+ hours of training. We are so grateful to be working with these talented teachers who occasionally sub in our space:
  • Moriah Salter
  • Erin Curry
  • Joel Patterson
  • Sherri Go
  • Sara Germann

Interested in teaching for us?

All regular teachers and subs attend classes at Freeport Yoga Company, as it helps to foster our connected community experience. If you would like to teach or sub with us, please come in and try a few different classes first to get a feel for our space, see how the studio operates and learn about our community. We look forward to seeing you in class soon!