Terry Cockburn, Owner
Certified Yoga Instructor and Run Coach

I have been a sports and fitness enthusiast my entire life. Athletics have always been very important to me, whether it’s coaching or participating in anything from soccer, softball and tennis leagues, biking, running road races or general “gym rat” activities. My introduction to yoga began with a few Bryan Kest Power Yoga VHS tapes in 1997, and sparked an intense interest, which lead me to becoming certified to teach vinyasa yoga in 2006.

After tearing my ACL during an adult league tennis match in 2008, my outlook on yoga, not to mention my personal yoga practice, completely changed. Working my way through the six month rehabilitation period taught me to slow down and not just go through the motions. It taught me the importance of having a yoga practice that worked along with my sports; not against it. My yoga needed to balance all the activities I was involved in, and my preferred style of practice, along with my intention for my practice, was not helping my body stay injury free. My epiphany, if you can call it that, made me want to reach out to every athlete out there and help in some way to prevent such an injury. Athlete or not, learning how to use yoga to stay healthy and create a deeper sense of body awareness is such a valuable tool, and I feel there is no better feeling than teaching someone how to tune in with their own body.

I am an avid runner, and enjoy the marathon distance. I have trained myself to successfully run four marathons (to date), and plan to run at least two marathons a year for the rest of my life. Yoga is the key to achieving that goal!

My primary yoga training is with Stephanie Keach of Asheville Yoga Center, located in Asheville, North Carolina. I’ve also trained with Josh Summers and Paul Greeley in the discipline of Yin Yoga; and am certified through ChildLight Yoga. I draw my greatest inspiration from my mentor, Sage Rountree, of Carborro Yoga Company in Carborro, North Carolina.

I am a certified running coach through the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA), and am also a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).



Cassie Koskolsy, Certified Yoga Instructor

I started doing yoga in 1998 while in college. Already having been through two knee surgeries, I needed a way to stay strong and healthy, while keeping my joints safe. I got hooked on following along with one yoga VHS tape for the next five years, until I had the opportunity to to attend my first real life yoga class.  Instantly, I was hooked on doing yoga in a class setting, and started taking a variety of classes and styles. After another three knee surgeries, it became very obvious that yoga was the one form of exercise that didn’t cause pain, prevented more injuries from occurring, and helped keep me centered. Certified in 2007 through Stephanie Keach of the Asheville Yoga Center in Asheville, North Carolina, I have been teaching yoga ever since.  I enjoy a hard, challenging power class as much as an intense, slow yin class.


I live in Topsham, where I love spending time with my family and friends, playing outside, reading books, watching reality TV, and walking my dog. In addition to my gig as a yoga instructor, I am a registered nurse in the ER at Mid Coast Hospital.



Emily Smith, Certified Yoga Instructor

I discovered yoga about eight years ago, when I was suffering from a minor hip injury.  On a whim, I tried a yoga class.  At first, I thought yoga was a temporary fix – a needed distraction while I healed.  I fully expected to walk away from yoga and return to my old routines.  Instead, yoga has become the foundation upon which my other routines are built.  I am endlessly challenged and intrigued by the concept of finding a proper balance between effort and ease – in yoga poses, in other physical activities, in any challenges that life presents.  When does it pay to push harder?  When is it more effective to ease off?  The answers change constantly, and my classes will often explore this concept.

I completed my 200 hour teacher training during the summer of 2011 through YogaWorks in Boston, with Natasha Rizopoulos and Jennie Cohen.  I am lucky to have learned yoga from a variety of open, approachable, knowledgeable teachers over the years, who made me feel comfortable and successful from the first moment I walked into the studio.  My primary goal is to do the same for my students.

I am also a certified ChildLight Yoga instructor, and enjoy sharing yoga with children in a fun, playful way through games, music, group activities and more.

I live in Freeport with my husband and two teenaged sons.



Bethany McCorkle, Certified Yoga Instructor

I grew up in Falmouth, Maine and a lifetime of events has brought me to my yoga mat…  Baton twirling, gymnastics, springboard diving, a disconnection with myself, the aftermath of over a decade of competition,  injuries,  the attraction as a student of communication and human behavior, a chosen path aiming to feel grounded after studying, working, and volunteering abroad….  you name it!

Adventures on my yoga mat began in 2004, occasionally dropping in to local studios and practicing alongside yoga DVD’s in friends’ basements.   In 2007, my practice was deeply inspired by learning and practicing Capoeira as an emotional balance while volunteering in Brazil. I think this was the last stepping stone leading to a regular practice upon my return home.   In 2009, I was hooked.   There was no turning back.  Since then, my life has been a miraculous transformation.   Yoga has been my rehabilitation, my best friend, my meditation practice, my adrenaline-rush workout, my physical therapy (from all those years of gymnastics), and …. my life savior!

I believe in yoga and its ability to create a connection, for anyone, as they so desire.   I chose Yoga because it soothes my soul.  It keeps me grounded, motivated, and truly conscious.  My teaching is a hybrid of many styles of yoga and heavily influenced by my own practice and teachers.  My classes have been described as athletic, insightful, and encouraging of self-expression.   I seek to draw the powerful energy of core strength into students’ yoga practice and daily lives.  Accessing and expressing myself from that deep connection in my own practice has changed the way I carry myself, and I LOVE sharing what I find to feel so good in my own body.

In a large spherical sense, I am most passionate about being of service to aid in the discovery of our creative and intuitive natures.  I am thankful for second chances, and I am most inspired by those who do what they love and love what they do.  3 things I just can’t live without are connection, understanding, and quiet time.

I began my 200 hours of Yoga Alliance certified training with the life-changing force of Jacqui Bonwell in January, 2011.    My svadhyaya (self-study) has guided me to learn from various Boston-area teachers including, Ame Wren, Alex Amorosi, Sue Jones, Amanda Richter,and Amy Sullivan.    I am indebted to the entire Yogave community, especially David Yearwood, for inspiring my practice and teaching.  I bow to Danielle Morin and Heidi MacVane for their intelligent teachings and powerful encouragement.   I am humbled by every student taking that leap of faith onto their yoga mat, and I’m honored to share the joy and connection that Yoga and all of you cultivate!



Liz Bicherl, Certified Yoga Instructor

I started practicing yoga seven years ago, when I was convinced by my mum to go to a class.  I fell in love instantly, and was hooked.  After experiencing the mental and physical benefits in my own body, I was then the one convincing others to practice with me.

Wanting to share the gift that is Yoga, I obtained my 200 hour certification through the Namaste Institute for Holistic Studies in Rockland, Maine in December 2011, and am registered with the National Yoga Alliance.  I am honored and excited about being accepted into the May 2012 OM Yoga Center Women Cancer Survivor Teacher Training in NYC.

I teach Hath and Vinyasa flow styles that focus on alignment with mindful sequences, while encouraging my students to uncover their own power and energy.  I am drawn to many traditions of Yoga, and enjoy weaving together the different styles into my classes.