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Jen N. -


I came to Freeport Yoga Company during Thanksgiving week of 2012. I knew the holidays were approaching and I was run down in spirit and body. I have taken several classes and workshops from almost all of the instructors. They all provide tips, props and variations so everyone can feel comfortable in a non-competitive atmosphere. I highly recommend Freeport Yoga Company, they provide a variety of classes and workshops to meet your needs. Perhaps you can soon leave class smiling like I did Sunday after doing my first headstand.

Jill Henrikson -


Since my introduction to Terry through the Bowdoin Women's Basketball team in the winter of 2009, her yoga classes have not only become my venue to maintain my strength and flexibility, but also a place to let go of the daily stressors of being a college student. I am thankful for Terry's knowledge of the practice of yoga, and for her ability to cater to each individual's body. I am by no means a yoga professional, but I consider Terry to be one of the best - she pushes you beyond your comfort zone, while simultaneously supporting you and reinforcing two important parts of yoga philosophy - don't judge and just breathe. Because of Terry, as I move on from college, wherever I land, I will continue to practice yoga.

S.P. -


I've been taking Terry's yoga classes for four years. I have to say, I was skeptical at first, as I viewed yoga as part of the New Age movement, and really wasn't interested in the spiritual side of it all. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find the class to be really challenging and not at all "chanty" or boring! I was instantly hooked on that first power yoga class, and with Terry's guidance and encouragement, started going to her yin yoga classes. Those classes were so different from the faster paced power classes, but were challenging in a different way. The long poses were tough to stay in, but felt so good coming out. I'm a tennis player and enjoy hiking, biking and gardening, and without yoga, I would not be able to do all those activities and feel as good as I do. I'm a yogi for life!

Dan Works -


Having been an active and racing athlete since 1982, stretching was not something I did on my own. I did not include it as part of my training. For nearly a year I have looked forward to Terry Cockburn's Yoga for Athletes class- it provides time to relax, time to recover after a week of hard training and racing and quality time to spend with my wife as we participate together. I am a 'yoga for lifer' now... as long as Terry is teaching!

Jennifer Dube-Works -


As triathletes, we train to keep moving-"just don't stop" is race day mantra. Since beginning Yoga for Athletes several months ago with Terry Cockburn, I have learned an equally important mantra: "stretch like it's your job" and a deeper, more spiritual mantra: "practice stillness. restore" The practice of Yoga for Athletes with Terry Cockburn, along with daily incorporation of her experienced teachings, is now a weekly staple in my training calendar. It is Yoga for Athletes and Terry's specific practice that was the common denominator that allowed this athlete to train for and finish a first marathon, while completing a spring and summer race season, injury free. Swim. Bike. Run. Yoga with Terry- Rx for peak performance.